20 years ago, a young group of social entrepreneurs joined a movement to change the world through the pursuit of a new economic model and practice of “conscious commerce.” Seeding Change is about “triple bottom line” businesses that consider the social, environmental and financial impacts of their companies and address some of today’s most challenging issues–whether it’s soil degradation, climate change or the ocean plastic crisis.

The award-winning, 51-minute documentary invites viewers to become part of the solution, inspiring them to vote with their dollars and support those brands and products that align with their values.Seeding Change’s message of empowerment has been honored and embraced by film festivals across the US and globe. It offers a simple solution to a complex problem–that we can save the planet one purchase at a time.

Curtis Birch produced this Richard Yelland documentary that launched globally on Earth Day, April 22, 2021 and was distributed globally by 1091 Pictures.

Accolades: Gand Jury Prize “Feature Documentary” Awareness Film Festival 2020; Award of Excellence “Use of Video for Social Change” IMPACT Docs 2020; Award of Excellence “Feature Documentary” IMPACT Docs 2020; Sustainable Business Award, Cinema Verde Film Festival 2021.

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