Curtis Birch delivers a hit for Nickelodeon. It’s a 10th Anniversary campaign celebrating Teen Nick’s TV series and feature film franchise, “Degrassi.” The idea is to create a powerful, visual story around the new season (and new decade) of “Degrassi” shows. The broadcast campaign, “Carnival,” is a modern interpretation of classic “carni” culture with tarot card reading, side show tents, dagger throwing and strong man displays. The spinning ‘wheel of chance,’ “Where it stops nobody knows,” questions the fates of Degrassi’s season 10 characters–challenging themes that are central to its success. Hey, with snakes and knives involved we had a feeling “Carnival” audiences would love it. The longer format online spot is repurposed into a music video by soundtrack artist, VV Brown. It went viral on You Tube–adding nearly 2 million hits to the 1 million+ hits racked up by “Carnival.”

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